Jouez à ArcheAge en juste quelques minutes. Téléchargez et installez-le, puis démarrez Vous avez déjà un compte Glyph? Connectez-vous. Déconnexion. Entrez dans l'univers fantastique d'ArcheAge, un jeu d'action et d'aventure en ligne massivement multijoueur de type sandbox basé sur vos décisions et votre. 27 juil. Télécharger ArcheAge: MMORPG gratuit construit comme un sand-box.

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il y a 1 jour ArcheAge – Reliques d'hiram (Bande annonce de la mise à jour de Après avoir passé le week-end dans les îles Mirage, Lilja erra sans. GLYPH réunit vos jeux préférés en un seul et unique portail d'accès poids plume. Téléchargez et jouez dès aujourd'hui à RIFT, Defiance, ArcheAge, Trove ainsi. Une de mes connaissances n'a pas réussi à télécharger le client Si vous avez du mal à télécharger Glyph du sur les forums de jeuxvideo. com. Victime de harcèlement en ligne: comment réagir?.

You have wanted to talk with them. And they really do want to help. We get that too. Once again — Thank you all for your patience, and we have constant improvements that will continue to be rolled out. We look forward to getting even more capacity up for you across the board, being more visible about it, and giving you all the great experience you deserve. All players are invited to begin playing ArcheAge free right this very moment! The adventure has just begun!

Our launch build has arrived and all players are invited to download ArcheAge now from Glyph. With launch, our entire community will begin their journey in Erenor. Players who participated in our Open Beta or Head Start events will not need to redownload the entire game client. An small incremental patch to Version 1.

Players who are in-game will not be affected but all queues will be reset as our authentication server will need to be restarted as part of launch preparation. At this time, the launch build will be available to all players from Glyph. Please note that all characters and their progress will be retained between Head Start and launch. We're also excited to announce the addition two new servers as of Monday, September 16, due to overwhelming demand! Additional servers may be introduced at launch or beyond based on demand.

Item listings from any server in a cluster will be accessible by all servers in that cluster. Not yet a Founder?

Topic Si vous avez du mal à télécharger Glyph

Act now to gain access to the final hours of Head Start! This is also your last chance to claim special in-game loot available in the Silver, Gold, and Archeum Founder's Packs as they will no longer be available after tomorrow's launch. This marks the completion of ArcheAge's road to launch! To all of ArcheAge's adventurers and enthusiasts, we thank you for joining us on this journey. The world of Erenor is about to open and we're glad you're here!

Inoch is our new North American server and will be added to the Auction House 1 cluster. Aier is our new European server and will be added to the Auction House 3 cluster. See you in ArcheAge, Founders! The whole team here is working to resolve these problems as quickly as possible.

The forum thread linked below will be updated as this issue is addressed. Players who participated in Open Beta will not need to redownload the entire game client, only an incremental patch to Version 1. While all Beta progress will have been wiped, there will not be a wipe between Head Start and launch: all characters and their progress will be retained.

Founders can patch to the latest build right now via Glyph. The Head Start server list has remained constant from Open Beta and represents our launch server list as well, though we may add more depending on traffic. All progress from Head Start will carry over to launch. Claim access to Head Start and begin your adventure in ArcheAge four days early with special in-game loot! Coming soon Cosmetic Costumes: A future build will remove the stats from all costumes that are obtained or crafted in-game, much like stats were removed from costumes on the Marketplace.

Similar to the normalization of mount speeds, this change is to prevent power creep and stat inflation while also promoting costume choice and preventing "best" items to be wearing to maximize your character's gameplay. Improved Anti-Spam: XLGAMES is delivering a way for us to integrate our internally-developed anti-spam technology which learns over time and then kills spam and spammers before you see either even once.

Expect more details on this to be announced next week. See you on Twitch! Join Open Beta and start playing now! Be sure to read our Open Beta announcement article for full details. Players who participated in Closed Beta Event 4 will not need to redownload the entire game client, only an incremental patch to Version 1. There will not be a wipe before Open Beta begins: all characters and their progress will be retained from CBE4.

Your timers on crops and taxes are set to pick up right where they left off at the end of the last event. All players can patch to the latest build right now via Glyph. The Open Beta server list has remained constant from CBE4 and represents our launch server list as well, though we may add more depending on traffic.

We look forward to seeing you in ArcheAge! We'd like to extend a thank-you for helping to test the below features in earlier Alpha and Beta phases.

In keeping with the pacing of ArcheAge releases in other regions, the following has been set up for launch and will be unlocked over time:. Open Beta will be available to all new and veteran players with no invitation required. The Alpha and Omega servers will be permanently brought down Sunday, August 31 at AM, but not without due fanfare.

Starting this Saturday at PM PDT, our diligent Alpha testers should check their in-game mail, keep a weather eye on the horizon, and be ready for anything….

Thank you for joining us on this journey, ArcheAge adventurers. The updated login screen now only asks for your account name and password. Once you have successfully entered the correct account name and password, you will have to verify your identity. And we thought judging the Raise Your Sails contest was challenging! Thanks to everyone who entered this contest!

Be ready for some exciting news about your favorite Trion games, including a very special announcement , and enjoy the chance to get up close and personal with members of the ArcheAge, Trove, RIFT, and Defiance teams. This is your opportunity! So mark your calendars and come hang out with us from 7 to 10 PM. Make sure to get there early; food, space, and loot are limited!

Seule une mise à jour sera nécessaire. Les comptes à rebours de vos cultures et de vos taxes reprendront là où vous les aviez laissés à la fin du précédent événement de la bêta. Nous nous attendons néanmoins à ce que cet événement attire deux fois plus de joueurs que lors du troisième événement. Préparez-vous à vivre de grandes aventures en synchronisation avec vos amis!

En cas de questions concernant la bêta, rendez-vous sur la page de notre foire aux questions. Au plaisir de vous retrouver dans ArcheAge! Be sure to read our CBE3 announcement article for full details about this event! Also, our third contest will be starting later today, so keep an eye out for it!

Players who participated in CBE2 will not need to redownload the entire game client, only an incremental patch to Build 4. Additionally, our Alpha and Founder players will have access to all of Beta. The Auction House is shared regionally, meaning item listings from any server will be accessible by all servers in that region. Also, the Alpha servers will be live during this event. Be sure to read our article about how CBE2 went!

ArcheAge is a living world up for grabs. But as sure as the heart of ArcheAge lives in the structures you create, its blood — carefully crafted, region-specific goods — can be found tucked into Trade Packs racing across dusty caravan trails and secret shipping lanes. Read on to lift the veil and get a leg up on this world of player-driven trade!

Trading is the art and thrill and business of getting valuable Trade Packs across the continents of ArcheAge. To run a trade route, you must craft or find or steal a Trade Pack, transport it to another region, and deliver it to a Trade NPC.

Of course, Trade Packs are heavy and will encumber your character, so expect to be slowed and without access to your glider or the use of world gates. To craft a Trade Pack, you must visit a Specialty Workbench. Each Workbench and the Trade Packs it can produce are region-specific, requiring local ingredients that you can gather and harvest yourself or purchase from other players or the Auction House. Note: Trade Packs can be left safely on your land to be delivered later, but dropped Trade Packs will disappear after 6 days!

Gold Traders reward you with gold, Resource Traders reward you with important crafting components used in a variety of other recipes, and Gilda Star Traders pay out Gilda Stars you can use to purchase specialty items including blueprints for houses, boats, and more. If you choose a gold reward, it will be delivered to you via in-game mail. Gilda Stars are rewarded immediately, as are materials from the Resource Trader.

Note: Not every region has all types of traders. You can browse available traders under the Merchants section of your map. In general, the longer a trade route, the greater the rewards. Your slow movement speed and inability to use a glider while carrying a Trade Pack will make you particularly susceptible to attacks from other players who would like to steal your Trade Pack and turn it in for themselves.

By Donkey, of course! The Donkey is an early-game quest reward mount — the only one, in fact, that is effective at carrying a Trade Pack. It is not as fast as normal mounts, but is certainly better than walking or attempting to ride your Elk, Snowlion, Horse, or Leomorph with a Trade Pack equipped.

Other modes of transportation such as ships, farm wagons, and cars have room to carry Trade Packs as well. There are several ways to help protect yourself from would-be bandits and pirates while running a trade route. First, watch your map! PvP regions will enter a Peace period after a great deal of player-versus-player combat has occurred.

During this period, no PvP combat is allowed, making it the ideal time to move through with a Trade Pack. Player mercenaries might also be available for hire, just make sure that they are reputable and will not turn on you. Remember: The larger the trade caravan, the safer… and the more lucrative for attackers! Remember to stick around until the end when three lucky, random livestream viewers will be invited to join Alpha.

This event was three times larger than our first event , and it was great to see everyone on the servers! Our anti-botting and anti-spamming tools were tested out and performed generally well. The entire time you were playing, we were adjusting to catch both bots and spammers. At times the tools were a little overzealous, catching some real players as well as the bots. The good news is that the improved systems handled the increased load very well.

Some of you may have noticed there were still a couple instances of seeing a balance of zero credits in the Marketplace under the heaviest load.

ArcheAge | JOUER

Folks are working on the next round of improvements there as well. In addition to all the testing of our tools and integration, we received a lot of great feedback on gameplay and the contents of the Marketplace. Expect further updates in the future after our next Beta event. The concept of labor is intertwined with every other system in the game and great care must be taken when changing parts of it in order to avoid unintended, wide-reaching effects.

With this next Beta event, ArcheAge going to get even bigger with over double the number of invites randomly sent to those who signed up on the official ArcheAge website, even more Beta code giveaways on partner websites, and additional servers!

Remember, all Founders get into every Closed Beta Event! After much deliberation involving artists, designers, producers, and more here at Trion Worlds, we have the results of the Raise Your Sails contest! Be sure to read our article about how CBE1 went! Three skilled winners will each receive an invitation to join Alpha, Beta, and a Crest Brainstorm at launch.

Create a custom sail based on the provided specifications for a chance to win an invitation to Alpha and a Crest Brainstorm. This was an important test. It was the first time our launch hardware and networks were load tested with real people, the first test for the new backend software integration present in our version of ArcheAge, the first load test for the store, and the first clean test of some of the gameplay westernizations in ArcheAge. So fast, that the first servers filled up in 18 minutes.

Not in this in case. This gave us important practice at adding a new set of servers to a packed service. While you were all playing on the servers, we were carefully monitoring the systems behind the scenes and making modifications the entire time. All of the hardware held up really well, and you helped us identify one server that was having network issues, which we resolved during the test.

You also helped us to identify and fix challenges with some of the custom integration for our version! Some of you may have noticed issues with logging in, or with the store showing 0 credits. Both of these were due to one of the key systems integrated for our region.

This was the first time that integration had ever been tested under real load, and making sure that all of the software and integration scales well is one of the reasons for these progressive beta events. With your help, we were able to identify and fix issues with that integration before the end of the event!

During the event, we were also adapting our own anti-spam and anti-bot software in real time. Our anti-spam software now handles in-game mails. We really appreciate all of the detailed feedback, both about things you liked and would like to see improved.

While larger gameplay changes will be ongoing over multiple builds, bug fixes, smaller updates, security updates, and localization changes are already in progress and on their way over to us for the next build.

We expect it to be around three times as big as the first Closed Beta Event. As always, all Founders get into every Closed Beta Event! Secure your access to future Closed Beta Events by becoming a Founder today. Want to continue playing ArcheAge right now? Already a Silver or Gold Founder? We have translated around 2 million words, localized a ton of quests, extended our international infrastructure and opened it to a partner for the first time, and more. Players who are new to ArcheAge will get to experience its uniquely customized Version 1.

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With this version, we bring you updated combat balance, improvements to the economic game of ArcheAge, and a host of great new features. In ArcheAge you can create a farm and breed native animals for unique mounts, build a ship and travel the high seas to trade in your goods for coin, make a name for yourself crafting the best gear in the game, stalk and slaughter your fellow players, or build your own castle on Auroria! This is just the first of our Closed Beta Events! We take your feedback in combination with performance data from the game itself, and review it all in partnership with XLGAMES with a goal of constantly improving, to ensure the game is as good as possible for you when it goes live later this year!

Be sure to check the inbox of the email address you signed up with on the official website. These invites are good for CBE1. Want to guarantee access to this event, all future Closed Beta Events, and our four-day Head Start event before launch?

Archeum Founders will be able to continue playing on the Alpha and Omega servers during and after this first Closed Beta Event and enjoy a number of extra benefits at launch. Players will be able to freely select which server they want to play on but character transfers will not be possible at this time. Both names ultimately refer to members of the Twelve, the original expedition that discovered the birthplace of the world, the Garden at the source of all magic.

Aranzeb of the Elves, a master of magic, was imbued with great power during his time in the Garden, he never lost touch with his true self, and returned to the land of mortals with his elf-manity intact. Shatigon, ancestor of the Dwarves, became the god of abundance, earth, and gold. Each website has a limited number of codes to give out, so hurry over to:.

Most of these giveaways will require an account on the respective website and each code only grants access to Closed Beta Event 1: A Brighter Age, July 17 to July This article will be updated as new giveaways begin. Have more questions about Closed Beta and beyond? Le site MMOCulture a publié des vidéos présentant les ajouts de la future mise à jour 1. En premier, on découvre un monstre aquatique connu sous le nom de Léviathan. Il paraît qu'il faut au minimum 30 bateaux pour en venir à bout.

Cette mise à jour apporte des nouveautés pour tous les types de joueurs. Du côté JcE, on a des bateaux fantômes à couler pour gagner de l'or. Pour les fans de JcJ, un camp doit défendre un point tandis que l'autre camp tâchera de le capturer. Beaucoup de ressources y sont présentes et apparemment les joueurs les plus faibles peuvent s'allier pour vaincre des opposants plus puissants.

We are proud to announce that Closed Beta will commence next week with our first event, A Brighter Age. Closed Beta Events will be three to five days in duration and your progress will persist between each event. Invites and installation steps will be sent via email before each event. Closed Beta forums will be opened for testers to share their experiences, meet other players, and discuss Closed Beta feedback with the ArcheAge community.

Be sure to read the full patch notes and catch up on recent developments before the livestream! Thousands of Alpha testers have already begun to settle this new territory.

Want to explore ArcheAge Version 1. Become an Archeum Founder! Le 16 juillet prochain, la mise à jour 1. D'ici là, le studio XL Games en dévoile le contenu -- notamment de nouvelles zones à explorer. On l'évoquait récemment, la version originale coréenne d'ArcheAge évoluera en version 1. D'ici là, le studio XL Games précise le contenu de la mise à jour et esquisse les nouvelles zones jouables qui s'ouvrent aux joueurs.

On le notait tout autant, la mise à jour entend aussi s'adresser aux nouveaux joueurs. Dans la foulée, ArcheAge 1. On ignore encore quand ces mises à jour ont vocation à être déployée en Occident -- on retient simplement que la version 1. Alors que la version 1.

Alors que la version occidentale d'ArcheAge s'apprête à accueillir ses premiers testeurs en version 1. La version 1. These custom changes include but may not be limited to. Some strings will still be displayed in Korean in this build due to the rapid turnaround from delivery to Alpha. In addition, some pre Expect these to be corrected ASAP in future updates.

Please keep in mind that these patch notes have come through the compiling of multiple source builds and then translation. This is the first and probably only! Due to our hurry to get feedback from players on how the gameplay feels, it will not contain the Trion-specific game changes mentioned previously on the forums such as Gilda Star rewards for international trade routes.

Full patch notes will be published in both the Alpha and public forums before it hits the Alpha servers. Omega is located in North America rather than Europe due to resources in our Amsterdam server location being used for Beta preparation. This second Alpha server will allow us to test what a pure Version 1. At this time, server transfers will not be possible. As a result of our decision to launch with Version 1.

Thank you for being part of our pre-release community! Be sure to read this announcement before the livestream! In simplest terms, the program grants access to exclusive features and expanded benefits in-game. This premium service tier, called Patron status, can be gained through a variety of methods. This optional program was jointly designed by XLGames and Trion Worlds and is available to those players who want to get a little extra out of ArcheAge.

Patrons will enjoy the following benefits:. The Marketplace and Loyalty Store are different in that the former accepts Credits, the premium currency of ArcheAge, while the latter accepts Loyalty Tokens earned from the Patron Program. The Loyalty Store will offer a variety of items including special pets, fun musical instruments, certificates that cover weekly taxes on a large farm, and Patron-only lock boxes that each contain valuable, surprise loot.

Patron and free accounts will both start with two character slots and will be able to purchase additional slots up to a maximum of six across all servers, with a maximum of four slots on a single server.

Free accounts will be able to make purchases from the Auction House but will not be able to post their own listings by default, nor do they regenerate Labor Points while offline. Free accounts will be able to unlock full Auction House access as a low-cost Marketplace purchase, a measure in place to protect the in-game economy from mass-created accounts. Players whose Patron status lapses will retain full Auction House access. We are currently exploring options for allowing free accounts to also have the ability to build housing and pay taxes after ArcheAge launches while preventing abuse of this permission.

All Founders will be considered Patrons during all testing phases. To ensure that all players have the option to potentially become a Patron, there are two ways to obtain this status. This allows industrious players in ArcheAge to let their gameplay pay for their Patron status without spending real money. Be sure to share your questions about this announcement in this forum thread and then join us on Thursday afternoon on Twitch.

The team will be sharing details on meeting with XLGames in Korea last week and our announced plan to launch with Patch 1. Be sure to read our announcement on the topic and prepare your questions for the livestream. Depuis la sortie des packs de précurseurs les nouvelles se font rare de la part de Trion, cependant Scott Hartsman tient à y remédier par le biais d'une lettre de remerciements envoyée aux alpha-testeurs.

Face au peu de nouvelles que Trion peut nous donner, on se demande parfois ce qui se passe dans les coulisses. Scott Hartsman nous répond hier par le biais d'un remerciement adressé aux testeurs de l'alpha. Visiblement ArcheAge a d'ores et déjà un groupe de fans en Amérique du Nord ainsi qu'en Europe puisque Scott Hartsman nous explique aussi de quelle manière les serveurs ont été surchargés rapidement.

À tel point qu'actuellement les serveurs accueillent trois fois plus de joueurs que la charge "normale" d'un serveur. La puissance matérielle des serveurs a quant à elle était doublée.

Pour cette raison, Scott Hartsman précise que Trion travaille actuellement sur l'intégration d'une mise à jour de l'alpha et aux préparatifs des centres de données, au nord des États-Unis et en Europe, pour la bêta-test. We are excited to announce the launch of Glyph , a new digital client for PC games!

Glyph also integrates more incredible games from hand-picked developers and well-known global studios. Dans cet épisode, intitulé "Any Questions Toutes vos questions , nous invitons la communauté d'ArcheAge à poser leur questions sur l'Alpha, la Bêta et au-delà. Nous répondrons aux questions en direct. N'oubliez pas de rester jusqu'à la fin car trois chanceux, tirés au sort dans le livestream aléatoirement, seront invités à rejoindre Alpha.

Cette fois ci, Trion a souhaité mettre l'accent sur les divers moyens de transport mis à votre disposition dans le monde d'ArcheAge. Voici un petit résumé de ce que vous avez pu voir. Votre première monture proviendra surement d'une des premières quêtes du jeu, les suivantes pourront être obtenues via des marchands ou bien grâce à diverses récompenses. Vous les obtiendrez généralement en tant que bébés et vous devrez les élever jusqu'au stade d'adulte.

Il est à noter que les montures sont des entités à part entière pouvant être attaquées par les mobs ou bien les joueurs. Vous pouvez renommer votre monture en faisant un clic-droit sur sa barre de vie. Les maître des écuries dans les villages pourront soigner votre monture moyennant finances. Des potions sont également disponibles afin de soigner votre compagnon directement sur le terrain. Les planeurs sont équipés sur un slot dans le dos de votre personnage, vous empêchant de porter un colis tout en utilisant votre planeur.

Chaque planeur possède 4 statistiques de base:. En plus de ces statistiques de bases, chaque planeur possède des capacités spéciales Voir lien précédemment mentionne. Vous avez la possibilité de vous téléporter vers divers endroits enregistrés dans votre répertoire à l'aide de pierres de l'au-delà. Pour enregistrer une nouvelle destination, il vous suffit de passer à proximité du Grimoire ouvert, une utilisation de ce même grimoire fixera ce lieu en tant que point de rappel atteignable avec le skill de rappel.

L'utilisation des portails est très simple, sélectionnez le point ou vous voulez vous téléporter dans votre répertoire puis en fonction de l'endroit vous utiliserez une pierre classique ou bien une pierre intercontinentale pour ouvrir le portail, il faudra ensuite sauter dedans pour vous retrouver à l'endroit que vous aviez choisi. Ces portails sont à sens unique mais utilisables par n'importe qui, tu en gardant néanmoins un cycle de vie très court.

Il est important de noter que vous pourrez également enregistrer les maisons crées par les joueurs en utilisant leurs cheminées ainsi de l'encre.

The world of ArcheAge is vast and seamless, with a huge range of landscapes from arid deserts to tropical shores to forbidding mountain peaks. Your first mount will likely come from one of the early quests in the game, but those and others are also available from various merchants or as rare rewards.

Once grown to an adult, mounts can be summoned into the world. They act like a separate character, in that they have their own health bar, stats, experience amount and level, slots for equipment, and collision. They will also be attacked by hostile NPCs — or hostile players — bent on disabling your means of escape! Mounts can be named, and will display this name over their head when rider-less.

Target your mount when summoned and right click their health bar to rename them. Some mounts, namely the horses, elk, and snowlions, have the ability to carry more than one character. The owner acts as the main rider and controls the mount, while another member of their faction can mount up behind and be transported.

This is especially handy for moving trade packs. Each playable race has a different racial mount type, offered in three color options during an early mount-raising quest line in the starting zones. Your mount will gain experience as it travels and when it is summoned and alive! Higher level means more health and mana, as well as unlocking mounted abilities and access to sturdier mount armor.

Armor gives your mount additional protection and is visible to others when equipped. Basic armor can be purchased from stables, but there are special sets that can be obtained as drops or during events. If your mount is defeated, it will enter an injured state and collapse.


Mounts will not gain experience while injured. Stablemasters in many villages will offer to heal your injured mount for a fee. You can also carry mount recovery potions to treat your companion in the field. Gliders are a unique take on flying mounts that allow you to control your character in the air while also taking into account gravity, height, duration of flight, and potential obstacles in your path.

Gliders will always tend to, well, glide down; different models have more or less time and ability to stay aloft. The basic glider is offered through an early quest line and can be upgraded through the crafting system at various levels. There are multiple different glider models, including one dropped by the legendary Kraken. In addition, gliders can have a combination of special abilities such as an upward boost to quickly gain altitude, the ability to drop explosives on targets below, self-destruction, quick side-rolls, etc.

The oceans in ArcheAge are expansive, with numerous mapped and unmapped islands and points of interest to discover. Travel on the high seas can be both dangerous and rewarding, and the game provides a range of ships with unique features — as well as strengths and weaknesses — to get you out on the water.

The rowboat is provided during early-level quests to every character. This inexpensive adventuring boat provides a great introduction to the range of ocean content available in the game. There are two versions of the Clipper; both share the same design and movement abilities. The Harpoon Clipper comes outfitted with two underwater breathing devices, a portable harpoon cannon which can be wielded by a passenger, and a front-mounted large harpoon which can be manned by a passenger.

Harpoons come in handy for latching on to other ships, as when using the Clipper to chase down high value targets for boarding …. Twenty packs can be stored in the crates on deck, two cannoneers can man the cannons mounted left and right mid-ship, and a spotter can be posted on the bow telescope to monitor the area for incoming boats.

At full speed and closing head-on, it might not be much warning, though! Two underwater breathing devices are provided, perhaps in case you drop something overboard.


Despite its speed, this workhorse is not particularly maneuverable, and a fully loaded merchant ship is the juiciest prize on the seas. Bring defenders! Warships are the height of naval power and the pride of their respective factions. These large, powerful ships pack heavy firepower, can take a beating, and provide a base for smaller, faster strike teams. The features and functionality are the same on both ships. Warships are slow to move and slow to turn. On the flip side, they can laugh off all but the nastiest of sea creatures, and probably most solo small boats they come across.

Warships are at their best when manned by a good-sized crew, as they come with multiple features:. There are those who will swear that a third type of warship lurks offshore, one whose plans are never sold by a reputable shipwright. No, the designs for this ship are a secret, carried separately in many small pieces, and it can only be built after all of them have been assembled.

The sightings report it is shaped much like the usual warship, but modified for increased speed and storage. Her dark sails unmistakable, her purpose obvious, the Black Pearl is legend and nightmare combined. The fishing boat is a specialized craft for sport fishing. While it has some common features like a front-mounted harpoon and storage crates, its real strength is the central compartment that can hold several large fish, along with two rear hooks to carry extra-large specimens.

This boat also comes equipped with sonar to detect large fish schools within range. If the goal of your seafaring is advanced fishing, this is your ride! All boats follow a similar path for creation.

You first need to buy or acquire the plans and appropriate materials to build a drydock on open water. Once built, a drydock will last only three days, so be sure you can provide the rest of the boat-building materials in time! Once complete, the boat will be launched, and you will be able to summon and de-summon it from a deed in your inventory.

They will also be automatically de-summoned if you move too far away. Enemies can take over the steering of your boat, but ownership will remain yours; they cannot de-summon it to their inventory. This can be guild crests or personally designed images that you upload to the game! The Farm Wagon is a crafted land vehicle that acts as a summoned object, similar to a boat. While slower than a mount, it provides a couple of useful benefits.

As a farm utility, it can be used to bulk-water planted crops with the sprayer on the front end. Perhaps more useful to some are the four storage crates that can carry trade or resource packs on the back of the cart. These allow a single player to drastically increase the efficiency of their land trade routes, though you may want to bring guards for more dangerous areas! These high-end, mid-tech roadsters require significant investment to build and maintain.

Players also have the ability to quickly travel between memorized locations using reagents known as Hereafter Stones. Just coming close to one will record its location in a book provided to every character at creation. Interacting with a Memory Tome will set it as your recall point, which you can return to any time with your Recall ability.

Opening a Worldgate to a location saved in your teleport book is as simple as opening the book, selecting the specific location you wish to travel to, and clicking the green portal icon at the bottom right.


A Hereafter Stone will be consumed if traveling within your continent, or a Refined Hereafter Stone if the travel is cross-continental, and a worldgate will be summoned in front of your character. Run toward and jump literally, jump! Worldgates are one-way from the location of the summoner.

They can be used by anyone, however, including people not grouped with you. Buy Memory Ink from a general merchant and bring it to the house whose location you wish to memorize. You can now return there at any time using Worldgates and Hereafter Stones just like other Memory Tome locations.


Most transportation in ArcheAge is player-driven, but there are systems for limited air and land transport along automatic routes that one can catch at designated stations. Carriages run back-and-forth routes between two Carriage Stations. These often cross zone boundaries and are used as transport between zones.

You can jump on and off carriages at any time, and they also offer four bench seats that will help secure your character and any pack cargo you might have to the carriage. Carriage Stations at either end of the route offer a telescope that lets you view approaching carriages from a sizeable distance. Airships fly between two designated Airship Towers.

These tend to be routes that cut significant time off of ground travel, but may require waiting at the tower for the airship to arrive. Once on board, you can also jump off of an airship mid-route, but gliders are recommended; these machines fly high above the ground! You should also exercise caution while riding airships unattended; watch out for shady characters hoping to isolate a target or push unaware travelers over the railings!

Rejoignez la productrice associée Amanda "Amary" Fry et le directeur principal des relations communautaires Evan "Scapes" Berman sur la chaine twitch Trion Worlds pour ce sixième volet de la série livestream "Exploration ArcheAge". Dans cet épisode, intitulé "Mount Up and All Aboard En selle et tous à bord , nous vous présenterons tous les moyens de transport à travers les terres, que ce soit contrôlé par le joueur ou automatisé.

L'univers d'ArcheAge est grand , sans temps de chargement, aux paysages variés : de désert aride en passant aux rivages tropicaux ou bien encore atteindre le sommet des montagnes. Il n'y a pas de chemin tout tracé, c'est à vous de choisir votre propre chemin! Après avoir tester les nombreux moyens de transport que nous propose l'univers ArcheAge, nous allons répondre aux questions de la discussion livestream. Missed the fourth episode of our Exploring ArcheAge livestream series last week?

Appel à tous les aventuriers, les explorateurs, les guerriers et les artisans! Les Packs de Précurseur ArcheAge sont arrivés avec les accès Bêta, les primes aux abonnés, les planeurs, les titres avantageux, les crédits dans le jeu, et plus encore.

Aperçu des trois Packs de Précurseur et réservation de votre place dans notre prochaine bêta ou rejoignez maintenant la phase Alpha comme Précurseur Archeum et vivez maintenant la grande aventure qui vous attend! Vous avez des questions? Consultez notre FAQ des Précurseurs.

C'est le même jeu, mais pas tout à fait pareil. Bref, c'est une occasion inespérée de se replonger dans l'univers du RPG mythique et de retrouver tous les mécanismes, l'effet de surprise en plus. Le Client PC de Langrisser Mobile est la meilleure façon de jouer au jeu de stratégie RPG mythique sans pour autant devoir s'infliger un petit écran de smartphone et les ralentissements de connexion dans le métro.

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